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Raised in a pastor’s home as the fifth of six children, I grew up learning to love people around the table and across the aisle. For all of my school years, I was either homeschooled or attended a private Christian school. Though I always said I didn’t have the patience to teach, I found myself teaching full-time and attending college full-time at the age of nineteen. This process repeated itself for my first three years at God’s Bible School, and after my “student teaching” I finally graduated with my BA in Elementary Education in May of 2018 (thank you, ADEP!).

Currently, I homeschool my two oldest nephews (3rd & 5th grade), in addition to teaching piano in my student’s homes. I travel on a regular basis doing music on my own, with my family, or providing accompaniment for others traveling. At my home church (where my father serves as pastor), I teach Sunday School and help in the music ministry.

When I was seven and one of my older sisters was nine, God told my mother that He was going to give her daughters the gift of playing the piano. Within a few weeks, we could play anything we heard. This truly was a gift from God! I told God when I was very young (maybe 11?) that if He chose to allow me to be talented with music in any way, whether it be through singing or writing songs, that I would keep that gift completely consecrated to Him and would not use it for myself.

God has allowed me the opportunity to join my family for a studio project, as well as record a couple of my own albums. And I often find that the furrows of sorrow and frustration prepare fertile soil for new lyrics to take root. Listeners from around the globe have heard some of these searching melodies and cathartic lyrics and have felt at home amidst the sorting. 

I never considered myself a writer, nor did I think I enjoyed writing. Maybe it’s been the years of avid journaling, but somewhere I found that putting my thoughts in black and white helps to bring clarity to my own shuffling. On my blog you’ll find a little of everything, but mostly truths I’m discovering on this journey and reflections from saints who’ve gone before me.

I hold a deep conviction that the music I record, the words that I write, and the songs that I sing, are not merely acts of performance, but cadences that are becoming a part the Rhythm of Worship which every true believer is called to join in. My prayer is that through the music and meditations you find here, you will come to know Jesus more and the Story of Redemption will work its way deeply into your heart. 

I’m not afraid of failure. I’m afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.
— William Carey

And all along the way, my brave sister, Jonelle Hill, has joined me behind the mic and at the piano and with her camera. Feel free to check out her stunning work at Backyard Studios.