Treasures of Darkness is an album reminding us of God's goodness in the darkness and his presence in the night. Released in 2016. 13 tracks. Listen now. 

1. I Will Praise Him, Still. 2. He Means Something Good. 3. If We Could See. 4. I Believe in Prayer. 5. God Still Moves. 6. Heart of a Child. 7. All Sufficient God. 8. For This I Have Jesus. 9. Never One Time. 10. Bow the Knee. 11. Worship the Lord. 12. I Bless Your Name. 13. I Shall Not Pass This Way Again. 

Stories behind the songs. 

Cri de Cœur is a simple collection of timeless hymns and original songs, woven together to offer a vestige of "prayers now past." Released in 2014. 13 tracks. Listen now.

1. I Just Came to Talk With You, Lord. 2. Sympathizing Jesus. 3. He Knows It All. 4. Grace for the Moment. 5. Out of His Goodness. 6. As Long As You Are Glorified. 7. The Last Place I Saw Him. 8. He Leadeth Me Medley. 9. Been Here Before. 10. Ever Near. 11. He Is Pure. 12. Things I've Never Thanked You For. 13. Home Safe.

Our Journey is an album featuring family harmony, an acoustic sound, and a reassuring message of God's guidance and providence. Released in 2012. 12 tracks. Listen now.

1. Joy in the Journey. 2. Sometimes by Step/Fulness of Joy. 3. Sojourner's Song. 4. Eyes of Faith. 5. I'll Follow Thee. 6. How Firm a Foundation. 7. The God of Today. 8. The Potter Knows the Clay. 9. ...All Things Well. 10. God Already Knew. 11. I Have Been Blessed. 12. Every Road.