Edith Wade

Edith Wade


Edith peeked out through the window and saw him reload the gun. She got out of bed and came into the living room. The door burst open, and there stood Tom, wild eyed. He pointed the gun at Edith and snarled, "How would you like a hole in your head?"

Edith had not known what it would be like to be married to an alcoholic. She had left her parents' church and lived her life how she thought she wanted. She found herself in an abusive situation from which she did not know how to get free.

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"It has been a humbling experience to make this story available for others. Edith and her family have meant so much to me for the past 20 years. Several years ago when Edith was in her 90s, I was privileged to work doing home care for her. I remember walking down the hall toward her apartment different times with my mind on all the distractions of my day. As I would being to make supper or clean the apartment, Edith would talk. She would go down the line telling me of what God could do for a person. She would say, “We’re not praying enough! We need to be praying more!” She would tell me the stories from when she was younger and would meet with the ladies in the church and pray. She would go over the miracles form her life. “Now Tommy is getting a hold of God, but we need to pray more,” she would say. (Bro. Tommy was her son and the pastor of both Edith and me.) By the time I would leave my thoughts in that same hallway were so different than they had been earlier. The distractions were gone. My mind was running with, “We’re not praying enough! We need to be praying more!” And my mind was turned on the power of God. What a godly lady!

When Judy, her daughter, and I discussed this story, Judy said that her mom would have been amazed that her testimony could be used in such a powerful way. Sis. Edith felt so insignificant. When I was working for her, one day I came in and excitedly showed her the visualized children’s story I was working on at that time. She told me, “I can tell you a good story to do. It would be Tom’s, my husband’s!” At the time, I thought, “No, the story that I would want to do would be yours.” Something about the story of a lady who served God and stood when everyone in her family was going the wrong way and prayed them in one by one, intrigued me! Again I say, what a godly lady!”

~ Elizabeth Smith Hamilton

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