Lewis Smith

Lewis Smith


Buck was fifteen and had failed in the fifth grade. His one goal in life was to turn sixteen so he could quit school. His father had died when Buck was young, and now he was on the downward spiral. Then he went to a revival. What started out as a prank turned into something that would change his life. 

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At the time of this writing, Rev. Lewis Glen Smith is eighty years old and living in Frankfort, Indiana. After pastoring the same church for fifty years, he felt the need to step down. His wife and helpmate of fifty years had Alzheimer's Disease and required a lot of care. He remained faithfully by her side until her death in 2001. 

He feels privileged to have traveled around the world, visiting mission fields and preaching to different congregations. His family will never forget the time he traveled with Bro. Robert Brock to visit Papua New Guinea. On the way back home to the states, Rev. Smith sat in his plane seat with his heart bubbling. He remembered everything God had done for him, and how God had taken a "nobody" and used him around the world. He told us, "As I was thinking about the goodness of God, and everything He had done for me, I couldn't keep my seat any longer."

Rev. Smith stood to his feet on that airplane and started to testify. He told everyone on the plane just how good God is. When we heard, none of us were surprised. I think about how hard it is to get people to testify and how excited he is about his faith. I'm proud to be his daughter.

~ Elizabeth Smith Hamilton (Author)

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The story of Lewis Smith is truly an amazing saga of redemption. Seeing the background from which he came, and knowing who and what he is today, makes the story all the more amazing.
From my perspective the one thing lacking is that there is so much more to tell of Lewis Smith’s life...his ministry of faith and prayer, his family, his influence...what a man!
I appreciate the moral issues that are raised and addressed in the story; also the inspiration that comes to all of us when we see and realize what God can do for any man or woman who is willing to surrender to Him...
— Leonard Sankey, General Secretary Emeritus of Interchurch Holiness Convention
Wow! What a story! It really gripped my heart. I especially like the part how God saved (Buck) when he was playing church. God is faithful - including to our children.
— Barbara Baker, Children's Ministry Worker
The story of Lewis Smith is nothing short of fascinating. It has a rare blend of human interest and moral instruction that makes it both captivating and convicting. Sharing it with the children you love can only be a positive experience for both.
— Dr. Michael Avery, President, God's Bible School and College