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Treasures of Darkness

by Merilee Barnard

To these treasured songs that I found in the night: 

You were never mine. I merely carried you for a time while I traveled sunless skies. You were left lying in the shadows by someone else - someone who knew the darkness long, and instead of languishing in the gloom, they left you to be found by another traveler, stumbling in the dark. 

I lay you to rest now for someone else to find - as a treasure for another to bear in the darkness. Maybe you will be the light that leads them to a breaking dawn. 

Until then, may your lyrics and melodies that speak of our pain, the promises of God, the worth of prayer, and the triumph of praise, be a poignant reminder that God’s presence is not shrouded by the blackness of the night. “We cannot see what lies before/ And so we cling to Him the more/ He leads us ‘till this life is o’er/ Trust and obey."


Released in 2016. Purchase here. Lyrics to original songs available here.

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