He Means Something Good


Nearly every individual has wanted to ask God the proverbial question, “Why?” When hard times come, when situations overwhelm us, the question forms on our lips before we even know we are speaking it. This song was born while listening to a sermon preached by my brother, Martin Barnard, on the eighth chapter of Romans. During the sermon, Martin made the statement, “I don’t know what God means by some of the things He allows in our lives, but I know He means something good.” I cannot deny that A. W. Tozer’s famous quote from his book The Root of the Righteous had a deep effect on the lyrics of the second verse: "It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until he has hurt him deeply." …No, the answer to our age-old question will probably never be answered this side of eternity, but we can rest assured that our Father, “means something good.”



1) If only for a moment
We could know the Father’s plans
For the things He bestows us
From His loving hand
The wrong He allows
That seems so unjust
The pain He inflicts
That feels unfair to us
Would all become clear
In an instant of time
If we could look in His heart
And read His mind

Ch) He means something good
To those who love Him
To those who’ve abandoned
Themselves to Him
He doesn’t mean despair
Defeat or even gloom
He means something better
And the day’s coming soon
When the veil will be lifted from our eyes
And in that day we’ll realize
That the Father
Always means something good

2) A physician with a sick man
That is dying
Offers him a remedy
That wounds
A mother with a child
That is crying
Doesn’t always kiss the knee
That’s bruised
So our Father in heaven
Who knows us so well
In order to use us
Must first break our wills

Lyrics & music by Merilee J. Barnard © May 26, 2014