Things I've Never Thanked You For

1) I’ve thanked You for the roses
That brightened up my way
I’ve thanked You for the sunshine
That dispelled skies of gray
I’ve thanked You for happiness
Comfort and peace
I’ve praised you in the good times
When Your loved overwhelmed me
But Lord, I confess
I’ve been so ungrateful
For the things that have made me who I am

Ch) So I thank You for the thorn
That reminded me your grace
Was sufficient for me
Thank You for the cross
That forced me to feel
What You felt at calvary
Thank you for the tears
That cleansed my eyes of pride
And let me see
You carrying your cross
And weeping tears of pain
And thorns piercing your brow
Lord, for all these things
I’ve never thanked you for
I thank you now

2) I’ve flinched in the battle
When faced with the foe
I’ve winced in my sorrow
When overcome by woe
I’ve cried in the darkness
In the deepest of pain
I’ve sighed midst the thunder
And the pouring rain
But Lord, I admit
It has slipped my mind
To praise you in this trial
Like I did in the good times

Bridge) So I will praise You though this trial
Doesn’t make sense
‘Cause You’ve told us to thank You, 
In every circumstance
And I will give You glory, 
Just like I should
Because I know You’re working all things
Together for my good

Lyrics & music by Merilee J. Barnard © December 9, 2013

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