Home Safe


This song had a very simple start. After being out on the weekend doing ministry with my siblings, or maybe arriving home after a road trip with my family, when we'd finally make it home in one piece, I'd send a text message to the friends to whom we had just bade farewell with this simple message, "Home safe." That's all they needed to know. They didn't know the times I'd had to scream to get my brother's eyes back on the road, the moment the semi tried to run us off the highway, the stops for fuel, the bloodshot eyes, the discussions in the backseat. It was sufficient that we were home in one piece. We were home safe, and with those two words, our friends in faraway places could rest easy. And so could we.



1) When sadness overwhelms me
And sorrow seems my lot
When I find I’m worn and weary
From the battles I have fought
When questions haunt my pathway
And answers go unfound
That’s when I remember
I am homeward bound

Ch) And someday
I’ll be home safe
All my battles will be over
If I can keep the faith
No more disappointments
No more grief and no more heartache
I’ll have made the landing
I’ll be home safe

2) And those who’ve gone before us
They’ve fought the battles we fight now
They conquered foe and rival
And challenged hosts of hell
I can hear their shouts of victory
As they gather ‘round the throne
And I know I’m getting closer
I am nearly home

Lyrics & music by  Merilee Barnard © September 30, 2013

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