The Last Place I Saw Him

1) I have seen Him go before me
When my way was hard to find
I have seen Him in the darkness
When I couldn’t see a light
I have watched Him pick up mountains
Seen Him make the crooked straight
But I’ll tell you I just saw Him
I remember the place

Ch) The last place I saw Him
He was in the fire
With His children
Like He said He’d be
They were not consumed
They were not alone
For He was with them
In that fervent heat
So when you’re facing the furnace
And fearing the flames
Just remember
In the fire
Was the last place I saw Him

2) And you may have seen Him
When your sun was shining bright
When you didn’t have a worry
No battles to fight
But the same God you knew in victory
You can find in your defeat
If you’re wondering where to find Him
I can tell you where He’ll be

Lyrics & music by Merilee J. Barnard  © April 1, 2013

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